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“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
— John Bunyan 

"Sponsorship can be a golden opportunity for all parties involved"

Commercial photograph of Lindt chocolate easter bunnies by Norwich based photographer P Carver

Do you have a business, spare funds or equipment and a willing to invest in someone? A sponsorship or investment is a massive support to any business, a sponsorship is not just about receiver but also about the provider. I fully understand a sponsorship is a mutual interest to both parties, funding myself will come with many benefits, potential access to a photographer, images and editing skills. Together we can agree on deal that will benefit us both.

Sponsorship is not an act of charity - it must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI). Since sponsorship is a business arrangement, standard evaluative criteria should be used to establish the suitability of a proposed event in relation to the sponsor? image and products. A sponsor can enjoy a wide range of benefits from a carefully selected sponsorship.


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