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Updated: Dec 7, 2018

Cromer beach in black and white
The calm before the storm, a surfer patiently waits

A fine location, such as Cromer Beach in North Norfolk for a spot of surfing enjoying the swirls and the fabulous views. Cromer is famous for their crabs, wide open beaches and a traditional pier. Cromer like most seaside towns are reliant on their fishing business and you will find many small local shops selling various seafood and a fantastic fish and chip shop called Mary Janes and Number One. There is also a lighthouse and a proud tradition of the the RNLI lifeboat service that is noticeable in many locations.

This particular photograph captures the simplicity of the beach itself, smooth sands, wide open spaces and an horizon that goes on forever. There is so much activity going on at this beach from fishing men to surfers, always something to see and admire. Anyone who knows me, knows i love black and white photography and i wanted this image to be deep in blacks and vibrant in whites.

Cromer Pier, Norfolk
The right side of Cromer pier

Photography Tips:

I captured this image using a 50mm prime Sigma lens, you cannot beat the image quality of prime lenses. Prime lenses have no zoom capabilities and come with a fixed focal length and using a APS camera the actual focal length was more like 70mm. Prime lenses require you to move more and this will make you a better photographer as you have to think about position and composition more, however, the hard work will pay off and will produce a stunning image. I also shot this at a low ISO of around 50–100 which is all you need in bright daylight situations, and an aperture of around f10. The two most important things with landscape photography is to get yourself off the sofa and get in the location and to also prepare for the weather, there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!

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