Paul Carver

Photos by himself.

Lucie International Photography Awards 'Honorable mention' in 'Travel & Tourism' category 2016


They say a "Photograph speaks a 1000 words", I believe this to be true. Many people have asked me what my style is or what my goals are, I have one primary goal and that is to produce a gallery that shows everything beautiful and ugly about humanity. Not everything in life is a pretty rose, life can be hard, tough and raw and I am not afraid to show this. 


If one of my photos stops you in your tracks and creates an emotion whether good or bad, then I have achieved. If my photos makes you feel joy or warm then great, if they make you feel disgusted or angry then also great. The point I am projecting to you is to make you feel something. Humans are built and controlled by our emotions and art should manipulate your emotions or draw on an existing emotion\memory deep inside you. 

I hope you enjoy my work. 


Clients I have provided photography for