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who am i

I don't shoot to please the masses, I shoot to show my vision of the world as I see it, I aim to shoot all that is pretty and all that is ugly.  Black and white is my passion, whilst I appreciate colour there is something quite mesmerizing about contrast and shadows. 


Honorable mention by the Lucie International Photography Awards 2016 in 'Travel & Tourism' for 'Road to Nowhere' submission.

Paul Carver has achieved international recognition for his work in 'Travel & Tourism' 2016 with the Lucie International Photography Awards earning an honorable mention




International Photography 
Awards Announces Category Winners of the 2016 Competition!

This year, The International Photography Awards received 17037 of submissions from over 162 countries, and is pleased to declare that Paul Carver was awarded Honorable Mention in Special - Travel/Tourism for the winning entry Road to nowhere.

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Treat yourself or someone you love to some unique photographic prints. All work is hand made using only the finest printing process and framing materials. P Carver Photography does not cut corners nor do I use cheap materials, you get what you pay for.  

Real Estate Photography

Are you looking for quality real estate images to sell your property? Then look no further, whether you are a private seller or agency, we can provide professional photography for your needs.

dance Photography

In need of a creative photographer to capture portraits of your DJ's for magazines or editorial purposes? Want a photographer who understands the flow of a night club and want the energy captured in photo? Look no further, contact me to book an appointment. 


Available for event photography and personal work

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